for solo violoncello

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4 min.
February 18, 2000
Sprague Hall
Yale School of Music, New Haven, Connecticut
Greg Hesselink, cello
Blush was composed for cellists Greg Hesselink and Giovanni Sollima. The upper line of this two-voiced piece, comprised almost entirely of natural harmonics, seemed chaste to me, almost blushing in its interaction with the lower voice. It’s the first in what will be a set of twelve solo cello pieces, each for different performers.

Performance History
  • February 18, 2000: Greg Hesselink, cello, Sprague Hall, Yale School of Music, New Haven, Connecticut
  • February 9, 2001: David Russell, violoncello, Phantom Arts, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts
  • April 5, 2005: Caroline Stinson, violoncello, Setnor Auditorium, Syracuse University, New York
  • February 14, 2006: Caroline Stinson, violoncello, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Centara Corporation International New Music Festival, New Public Library, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada