without fanfare


for brass quintet
(1990; 1996)

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9 min.
November 9, 1998
Tsai Performance Center, Boston University
Atlantic Brass Quintet
This piece might have had a longer title, like “without fanfare, jazz, fugue, ragtime, or march.” You hear those kinds of music in so many quintets, and I wanted to escape that to compose music that was natural but unexpected for these instruments. I couldn’t quite dispense with writing a chorale, though, so I put one at the heart of the work’s nine sections.
Performance History
  • April 6, 1997: YSM Brass Quintet, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut
  • May 9, 1997: USC Brass Quintet, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  • February 10, 1998: Atlantic Brass Quintet, Tsai Performance Center, Boston University